Wednesday, October 25, 2006

sunshine sucks

Actually it doesn't always suck, just on the outgoing tide. Very small swell on the Sunshine Coast today so no choice but to hit the open beaches: this morning was at Sunshine Beach. Paddling out past the boot campers I was thinking about how posh it is up here, something confirmed later when I paid $8 for a small tub of taboulli at the local deli.

Back in the water, we were spared the onshore (easterlies) today so nice and glassy, but tough to get much out of the 1 foot swell. Chatting with a local (nee kiwi) mal rider he told me that the incoming tide fills in the holes closer to shore so no bank to break on. Better after the next cyclone comes through and cleans everything up.

Did you ever stop to think about the social phenomenon that is the out the back chat? Here in 1ft Sunshine, very relaxed, with sentences cut short by "you take this one mate". Usually its much the same at Tea Tree except when the bogans descend to escape onshore blowouts. Then you see some tribes forming and the nice thing here is that the geriatric (usually more relaxed) mal riders are in the dominance so attitude usually kept under control.

Sorry still no surfing shots (busy surfing) but here is one of Luca swimming.


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