Saturday, October 28, 2006

dave bless you noosa tri, have a cup of tea

Last day of this visit to noosa for me and some swell around but all blown out on the open beaches. The only chance of a wave was Noosa National Park. But one small complication: today the road to the park was totally closed for the triathlon. Desparate times call for desparate means (or is it necessity is the mother of invention?) - I decided to park at Sunshine Beach and walk through the park from the other end. Almost an hour of walking later I find Tea Tree at low tide. Swell holding up not too bad but surprisingly about eight blokes out. Still, that's not too bad for a Sunday at Tea Tree!

Low tide and just a few nice ones peeping around the corner and on the aeroplane wing not too much trouble catching them. Definitely a lot less trouble than carrying the mofo 9'10'' board 3km to get there. Not everyone's cup of tea but I say "worth it".


By the way if you are looking for the connection between Dave the bogan god of surfing, a cup of tea, and Noosa national park, this article may help explain it.

John Witzig took the photograph in 1966 when Hastings Street was just a few shops with a caravan park at the end, the Noosa River teemed with fish that kindly threw themselves onto unbaited hooks and the few lucky enough to surf the Noosa bays thought it not dissimilar to having a "cup of tea with God".


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