Sunday, July 10, 2005


Surf Noosa

Belatedly I just wanted to share with you all the joy that is surfing on the Sunshine Coast. We flew into Maroochydore the same day Cooloongatta airport was closed. Jetstar had to do a circuit out to sea waiting for the storms to pass but made it in.

Day 1 (Thurs): too foul to surf in

Day 2: Main Beach @ Noosa: crowds! Unheard of 4 foot swells pumping into Noosa -- normally you get 0-1 foot. Tried getting out from the beach at Tea Tree but swept onto rocks at northern end of the bay. This is also unheard of!

Day 3: Tea Tree bay. More crowds but started early enough to get some nice rides in.

Day 4: Dave's day of rest

Day 5 (Mon): Tea Tree bay. Qld schools have gone back. Gold. 3-4 foot swells but few people. Some signature rides from the point to the beach action.

Day 6: Tea Tree (I like it there OK!). More gold. On my own from 6-7am. So bored I start counting rides. Clocked up 12 before some grommets arrived and started doing suicide runs inside on the rocks. Too chilled out by that time to care. Went home when a pensioner started dropping in on me at 9AM. Ended with 30 rides in all.